Beverly Aston


Timbertree Neighbourhood Nursery area manager and owner; Level 6 and still currently studying at university to further her knowledge. Beverly has worked in the childcare sector for over 12 years taking on many different roles. Being the nursery owner allows Beverly to put her ideas into practice and ensure the children in our setting have the best care. Bev always had a passion for childcare learning and development and is proud to finally say she is the nursery owner. Our motto at Timbertree Neighbourhood Nursery is… “Help Me To Help Myself.” Encouraging and promoting independence is something we really stick by ensuring children are learning real-life skills at an early age through all areas of learning.

Shauna Smith

Deputy Manager

All the way from Dublin, Ireland our Deputy Manager Shauna Smith. Shauna has over 8 years of experience in childcare and is Level 6 qualified in early years teaching and education. Shauna is a vital figure of the day to day running of the Nursery and in our Pre-school room. Shauna aspires to give children a valuable start in life by helping them improve social skills in a safe and caring environment. The main way she helps do this is by helping them gain the confidence they need to become independent with her professional and caring approach and guidance.

Jasmine Brettle

Nursery Manager

Meet our manager Jasmine Brettle. Jasmine has worked in the childcare sector for over 7 years and is currently Level 3. Working as an early years educator for 5 years and as part of management for 2. Jasmine is a vital figure in the day to day running of the nursery and is a proud member of the team.  Jasmine aspires to ensure our nursery is a nursery that is truly dedicated to the learning of children. Inclusive for all and creating experiences that are essential for children’s learning. She strives to make it a happy, secure and safe environment for all and welcome each and every child.