At Timbertree Neighbourhood Nursery we are committed to the inclusion of all children in our care. We provide a welcoming, homely environment where children are supported according to their individual needs.

As a Nursery, we incorporate Makaton (a language program that uses signs, symbols and speech to aid language) and visual aids into our daily routine for all children.

For those children who have individual needs or disabilities we work closely with the parents and other professionals involved to help support the child and family on their journey. 

 We view every child as unique and special and we are passionate in helping every child reach their full potential.

SENCO - Come Learn With Us


Kitty Cooper - Nursery SENCO

kitty cooper

Kitty Cooper is our SENCO at Timbertree neighbourhood nursery. Kitty has worked in the childcare sector for many years from childminding to early years educator.

She now has the responsibility of special needs coordinator. Kitty truly believes all children are unique and she is passionate about knowing that they all have the same opportunities in an inclusive environment. After discovering that her own child has additional needs and going on that journey personally, Kitty understands the importance of having a good relationship with the children but also that parents know she is here to support them too. It’s a big journey for everybody and Kitty is happy to be a part of each family’s individual story.