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At Timbertree Neighbourhood nursery we strive to create exciting teaching and learning experiences for all. 

We know finding a new provision for your child can be a daunting thing and choosing the right setting for you is key. Your child’s journey should be enjoyable and memorable for both parent and child.

As a nursery we feel we can play a big part in their journey. We promote Independence and  development of creativity, individuality and self confidence so every child can grow and blossom in their own time.

We are a nursery based in the local community with a very homely feel. We strive to make it the most comforting environment for your child, making it a home from home. Big on community and going out into our community to explore.

We offer funded care, Time for Twos & 30HRS,  also wrap around care for children who go to the local school, working very closely with the Timbertree Academy.

Please have a look around, and do not hesitate to contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Learn With Us

As a nursery we love going out into the community, this is essential for children’s learning. Going out into the community ensures children are gaining real-life skills. We ensure all children have equal learning opportunities and experiences. 

We have frequent visits to Valley Court Nursing Home, joining in with their activities or just visiting to deliver our handmade valentines day cards. This promotes personal, social and emotional development creating bonds and being in new environments.

We do this along with frequent visits that link to our learning topics

At Timbertree neighbourhood nursery we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our parents. 
We have frequent parents’ evenings, talking about children’s development and how we can work together to get the best for the children we care for.
As a nursery we create different learning experiences for children that involve parents these include, reading mornings, trips, parent workshops and much more. 
We get regular updates from parents about what they think, any ideas they may have and how they think we could improve as a nursery as we feel parents should always have their say.

We as a nursery work in very close partnership with Timbertree Academy, ensuring communication and key developmental needs of children in our care. Pre-school educators have regular meetings to discuss learning techniques, what is being implemented and how well it is working. This means working together we can get the best for our children.
We at Timbertree have a very individual approach to learning. Each child has a summary done termly which define next steps of learning, we work off every term also adding parents input and learning at home. 
We learn with many different approaches at Neighbourhood Nursery:
Reggio Emilio 
(Using natural clays to mould and sculpt, joining in collaborative art, working together to make a masterpiece.)
Curiosity Approach 
(Tinkering and uses resources from our natural environment to learn.)
(Using the natural light, we have and natural materials to create cosy warming environments, using all senses.)

We strive to make our environment a happy, safe and secure place for our children to learn and grow. We understand nursery can be a daunting experience and can sometimes become over whelming. We have key workers in place in each room, these key workers create a lasting bond with children and are there for them as a secure base of learning.
 We have calm time in the middle of the day where children can relax in a quite area on our soft mats, with calming music to ensure they can get a new burst of energy to carry on their busy adventure at nursery. 
An alternative for children having calm time, as they may choose not to or may become a little restless we encourage all different types of children’s yoga, this gives our little ones chance to explore their bodies in different ways.

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